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“I was in dire straights before I met Bruce. The bank, Chase, was ready to foreclose on my home on March 2nd. Bruce and his staff got the short sale prepared and submitted, and got that sale date postponed, and three subsequent sale dates postponed, which kept me in the house for 5 months and 21 days more than I would have been there for!

They treated me like family, and were very clear about the process as it went along. At any time, I could call Jeremy or Bruce, and get an update on what was going on with my home.

Bruce accompanied me at escrow, and made sure that everything I was signing was going to resolve the issue with my house, to get me out of $515,374.39 of debt owed on the property! This included a nasty HOA lien, and all property Taxes. My credit has really been saved and is now back over a score of 700 due to the fact that my home was taken care of by the Law Office of Bruce D. Stuart. I am Thrilled!!!”
 ---Mike Striskovich
Marina Del Rey, CA



Loan Modification Referral

Referral from Andy McGeo. He got his payment reduced with a loan modification.






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